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I just saw this really cute idea for making little baskets out of paper plates


The great thing about paper plates is you can draw on them easily to decorate them however you like, or easily attach embellishments like these..


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great new song from Kasabian!!


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How to Clean Stubborn Carpet Stains with an Iron and Vinegar


great tip!

Originally posted on Homemaker Chic:

Another Pinterest win! I’m always out to debunk supposedly easy pinterest tips, and I’m pleased as punch when one turns out to work as simply as they said! Here’s a REALLY easy way to get stains out of your carpet. This works for organic stains like dirt and food. Be careful if you’re trying this with dyes or ink as the vinegar can…

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18 Awesome Things To Do When It’s Cold Outside


Some great ideas now the freezing cold weather has set in!

Originally posted on Pepperminting:

Yeah… it’s like, really cold in Chicago right now.

With schools closed and flights delayed, I brainstormed a list of 18 fun things you can do when there is a lack of any warmth in the air. Let the hibernation commence!

18 Things

1. Sell Your Stuff Online

Make an “I’ll die without this” and “I…

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Threadless Mystery Tee pack

As you might know I LOVE Threadless shirts.. They are the best quality and fit in the world, plus they come with so many funky designs.

At the moment they are offering a mystery deal, $20 for 3 shirts. If you have never purchased from them before this is a great way to jump in. A lot of people are getting shirts that are still for sale at full price!

To visit the website click here :)


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Review – The Grand Budapest Hotel


I can’t wait to see this movie

Originally posted on The Popcorn Muncher:

Poster for 2014 comedy drama The Grand Budapest Hotel

Genre: Comedy
Certificate: 15
UK Release Date: 7th March 2014
Runtime: 100 minutes
Director: Wes Anderson
Writer: Wes Anderson
Starring: Ralph Fiennes, Tony Revolori, Saoirse Ronan, Adrien Brody, Willem Dafoe, Edward Norton, Bill Murray
Synopsis:When one of his regular visitors dies, an…

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Margaret River, Western Australia

My Dad and I went to Margaret River last week. We were only able to fit in a 1 night stay in our busy schedule so we used it as a taste tester to see what it was like and plan a longer trip next time.

MR is about a 3 hour drive from Perth. The trip wasn’t so bad for me as I drove from Perth to Mandurah to pick dad up (1hr) then we stopped to visit relatives in Bunbury (1hr) then we also stopped…

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Whatever Happened to the Babysitters Club?


This is the funniest thing I’ve read in years! haha :P

Originally posted on ChelleShockk:

For those of you who have penises, or who didn’t spend their childhood reading books and wishing they were cool, you might have to Google the Babysitters Club before reading this post. Basically it was a wholesome series about 7 wholesome girls that loved wholesome babysitting, and formed a…

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Hippo Creek (Bar Grill, Waterford)

We went to Hippo Creek in Waterford last Friday and I was very impressed! The atmosphere is very nice, its the type of restaurant that would fit in well at the casino or other fancy hotel.

The staff were very friendly and while the bar area was a bit noisy, once we sat for our meals it was a great place to have a conversation.


I ordered the 250g sirlion steak with mash and mushroom sauce. The…

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Last week my dad and I went down to Margaret River, which I will tell you all about shortly, but on the way there we stopped to have lunch at the Equinox Cafe in Busselton. The cafe is located right near the Jetty and has great views of the ocean.

We were greeted by the friendly staff and allowed to pick a table wherever we liked (at 1pm on a Wednesday it wasn’t very busy). Dad and I both ordered…

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